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                                                           This is Koontz, purchased by Ken from Burton.


A letter from Ken

Blackforest K9 Kennels is a great place to buy your German Shepherd. The owners of Blackforest K9 Kennels, Don and Marsha truly care about their dogs and their dog’s future owners. When I told Don I was going to crate my puppy, he took the time to prepare my puppy for his new home. The first night I had Koontz, he only cried for about ten minutes, the next night about five minutes, the third night about two and he never cried at night again. I visited Blackforest many times before I got my boy Koontz. Don and Marsha were always ready and willing to answer any question I could come up with.  Koontz is from Ajax and Karystal. I was so impressed when I met Ajax I told Don that I had to have a puppy from him. I have never been disappointed in my decision. Koontz has been the best and smartest German Shepherd I have ever had. I have had four German Shepherds in the past 35 years. There is not a single day that goes by that someone doesn’t tell me how beautiful and well behaved Koontz is. At nine weeks old; it took me less than one week to teach Koontz to sit, speak, stay for five or ten seconds and come to me. To this day; and Koontz is now almost ten months old, I am still in awe of how great a dog Koontz is. I could go on and on and on, just ask Don and Marsha, but I won’t. I will end by saying; get your German Shepherd from Blackforest K9 Kennels, you won’t be disappointed.

Ken Gardner 

Burton, MI
































This is Bella, purchased by Sally & Jim Holmes from Valencia, PA


A letter from Sally and Jim

We purchased our German Shepherd from Blackforest K9Kennels, Don & Marsha.   I am so glad that we made the 700 mile round trip in March to pick out our Bella We had our other shepherd of 12 ˝ years put to sleep on Friday, March 25th and I began looking that afternoon, On Sunday, March 27th we made our trip to Michigan .I am so glad my mother had her Dog Fancy Magazine as that is how I found Don and Marsha.  Bella’s parents are from Ajax and Karystal. I cannot say enough about Don and Marsha about their breeding.  Bella has the greatest personality, loving, obedient, trustworthy, excellent temperament, beautiful, and very loyal.  She loves water-we bought here a swimming pool for the summer, playing ball and Frisbee.  She definitely is a working dog.  At night she must carry the flashlight and when we feed the deer and duck she carries the bucket back to the garage. When we picked her up we had a 350 mile trip home, she sat on the console of the truck and slept or we held her and loved her.   Don took a towel and wiped Karystal with it and gave it to us to put in the crate at night.  She whimpered about two times and then when to sleep.   She was such a fast learner. We have always had American Breed shepherds before. I must say that she is the best one we have had and will now go with the German Breed dogs. Don knows how we bragged about our Male (Evan) but she has passed him up.  At 14 weeks we took her on vacation (a 14 week old puppy on vacation was questionable but she was wonderful). Then we took her back to the same vacation home at 7 months and it was like she remembered the place from before. From the day we picked her up she has been a traveler, whenever we can take her in the car Bella is with us. She is definitely a social dog.  Loves to go to Tractor Supply and Pets Mart. Customers and the personnel all love to see her and she loves to see them all to. Everyone comments on how beautiful and well behaved she is.  I could go on an on about bragging about her but I must stop somewhere.  She is going to be 10 months old tomorrow and we have enjoyed every minute with her.  Once you visit Black Forest K9Kennels and see the dogs and meet Don and Marsha you definitely will purchase your next shepherd from him.

Sally & Jim Holmes

Valencia, PA





































                                       This is Jagermeister , purchased by Kendra & Jim Cole from Swartz creek, MI


A letter from Kendra and Cole

We purchased our German Shepherd from Blackforest K9 Kennels. We purchased our pup as a Christmas gift in 2009 he is from Ajax and Karystal. We named our pup Jagermeister (German liquor) it fit because we have a cocker spaniel named Kahlua. We had two breeds to pick from and it was so hard to choose because meeting the parents and seeing the pups; it was such a great place to get our pup! Our first intention was to go and see what the Kennels were like and take a look at the pups, once we met Don and he showed us around and we seen the pups I couldn't leave without one. I was so happy with our decision; Meister is a such a good dog, great companion! He is very gentle with my kids and protective of our property but such a loving dog. This is my first German Shepherd, so I was very new to this but Jagermeister made it easy for me, he listens and is a quick learner. Meister is red and black; such a beautiful boy, I get a lot of compliments on him! He is very slim and tall but such a great runner! Meister is 2 years old and I just decided to teach him to "wait" for my response to fetch the ball, it took maybe a whole day for him to learn! He is very quick, and loves to be rewarded, he is not even stubborn which I love!! I have been asked by many where such a beautiful pup came from and I would tell them Blackforest K9Kennels; I would recommend to any German Shepherd lover! Such great owners! When being a first time owner; I would call and I would get all the answers needed, Don would spend time with me on the phone going over great tips and ways to make my dog the best!

Kendra & Cole
Swartz Creek, MI


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