Black Forest Elite German Shepherd canines history

The Burgess family have had the love of dogs for generations. Our grandfather was very involved in English Pointers

 and competing in field trils with famous "Thunder Bay Dan", in the mid 40's through the 60's. During the 60's we were

involved with German Weimaraner. The mid 70's we started breeding German Shepherds.

We introduced the Mini Pins in the early 90's

We still breed with the the love of our dogs top on our list like our grandfather did many years ago.

We breed 100% World Class AKC, West German, East German, Czechoslovakia Blood Lines.

We sell our dogs for the purposes of Family, Working/SAR, Protection, and Estate Dogs


We Breed For Quality not Quantity


Our breeding criteria consist of the following:

  • Longevity

  • Body Structure

  • Loyalty

  • Temperament

  • Beauty

  • Intelligence

  • Ball Drive

Our kennel was updated in 2007. This update included Heated Cement Floors, and Air Conditioned Indoor Kennels

to show our gratitude of their loyalty.


View some of our previous dogs and earlier pictures of our current ones.


1953 photo of one of our original dogs given to me as a young boy.

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