Adal Vom Flussblick Schwarzwald


     Adal Vom Flussblick Schwarzwald IPO2,FH1 is a dark sable with good ball drive and good focus and is a very quick learner.Adal always wants to please you where ever we go.She earn her FH1 when she was 22months old and earn her BH when she was also 1 1/2yrs old.Adal earn her IPO1 at 2yrs old and she earn's her IPO2 with super hard work and fast learning 2months later.Her father is Figo Vom Fuchsgraben 4x WUSV/USA NATIONALS Schh3,IPO3 and her mother is Idaia Von Der BleuHaus Schh1,CGC. Grandparent's to Adal are V Vito Vom Waldwinkel 10X Schh3,LGA 2x, SG Tom Van't Leefdaalhof Schh3,IPO3,IWR3,"99" WUSV Champion, SG Veit Vom Fuchsgraben Schh3,WUSV,4x BSP Multi LGA and  LG-FH, SG Nastja Cega Ram Schh3,FH2 2005 Bundesfhsieger, Zidane Vom haus Sevens Schh3,IPO3 2x WUSV Participant,  Hutch Vom Dunklin Zwinger Schh3(LGA)IPO3, Connie Von Neumis Flucht Schh3,LGA.Her pedigree talks for it self. Adal is west german workline female with little bit of czech working lines far back some.



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